Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Publications

In addition to my current show my work has been reproduced in two publications. New York Magazine gamely ran Post-Boom Odds drawing produced for Ben Tischer as part of the Artist of the Month Club. The drawing was subjected to the scrutiny of anonymous art world insiders who weighed in on my predictions. It's in this week's issue in the Opportunists Guide section. You can check it out at where you can offer your own predicitons, but probably not without identifying yourself in some manner.

Also, Golden Handcuffs Review, a journal of literary satire, published by Lou Rowan will be debuting soon and copies are available now at Schroeder Romero. The project was initially a longer piece of fiction that I whittled down to a six page list with an introduction and epilogue after Lou asked me to contribute following my show in Seattle last fall.

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