Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear Anonymous

The following comment was recently posted by an anonymous enemy:

you know your work is at about the same level, right? making a joke about another shitty artist does not make your work less of a joke.
you are mimram without the money for a billboard. -anonymous

Well, There's that and then there's David Joselit's opinion in the current issue of Artforum regarding my painting "Ganek Acquires Powhida" in a show called Air Kissing curated by Sasha Archibald. The show opened last fall at Momenta Art in Brooklyn and is scheduled to open in March at Arcadia University outside of Philadelphia. It's an excellent show that engages the contemporary art world from multiple angles. While I often find myself thinking similar thoughts as anonymous, Joselit's words are a reminder that William Powhida exists largely as a perception.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous was a little harsh, but this has seriously gone on way too long. William needs a new bit. I'm getting bored.

William said...

Not until he's dead, which isn't unlikely.

theworstartists said...

really you are going to do this until you are dead? so sad. most artists won't admit they are a one trick pony, so props to you for being honest. maybe you can be like the on kawara of art school art? but I bet even kawara gets bored with those date paintings after the 600th one.
p.s. I'd think you'd be into anonymous posting. what's with the block? don't make me start by kicking me off of here. lets have some fun on this boring ass blog, I'm giving you free art making fuel, run with it baby, run. or I'm calling Steve Kaplan and telling him that blog was your idea.

William said...

Please, criticize me but don't bring Steve Kaplan into this. Anything but that.

I have become the monster.

William said...

"really you are going to do this until you are dead?"

No, the character, William Powhida. The fictional genius known for painting strippers and dating super models. Maybe he won't die. Maybe he will become a sensitive director and make smallish independent films about people with devastating personal problems. I'm not sure what will happen to Powhida, but I don't think I could just let him turn into Jeff Koons.