Saturday, December 1, 2007

Art in America Review

So, I found a link to the Art in America review of my show 'This Is A Work Of Fiction...' although it loses some of it's punch not being right next to a critical ass-kicking of Snow and Colen's teenage suburban basement party room aka The Nest. I'm serous, though, send me your copy of the issue and I'll authenticate it as a genuine Powhida.

Correction: Edward Winkleman is not a thief. He's a BRILLIANT dealer with a keen eye who saw an opportunity and didn't hesitate for a second to the dismay of several collectors. He's also a prolific cultural observer and critic whose blog you should be reading instead of my shameless self-promotion.


Martin said...

if i can find a copy of that issue i'll definitely send it to you.

Martin said...

your piece is on artnet, and someone is giving me a copy of the magazine.

what is your mailing address?