Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bad Actor

Regina Hackett is absolutely correct, I am a terrible actor. Basically, my accomplice Jeff Parker and I had an ill-defined plan that might look like this:
  • Get crazy type to play James Wreck
  • Buy whiskey (Jack, Makers, Jim...)
  • Drink said whiskey before reading/performance...
  • Signal to Rod with cell phone time check to start freaking out
  • Watch Rod tear up $10,000 drawing
  • Kick his ass out of gallery

Following the whiskey our plan was basically to react to this guy Rod, who was going to impersonate James, a fictional character in our book, The Back of the Line. When the shit went down, and Rod started to threaten the $10,000 drawing, local Seattle PI critic Regina Hackett flew into action causing all sorts of confusion. Rod fled the scene before Parker and I could salvage any sort of closure to the performance gone awry. Personally, I think Jeff and I needed to have finished a bottle of whiskey and made things really uncomfortable by being hammered.
Maybe shit would've gotten really out of hand.

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roderick said...

Whiskey would have been the best preparation. I went from "got to hurt this drawing real bad" to "this lady is going loosen my teeth" and James wore right off. I slunk out the door, unable to swallow a final a cashew. I thought the cops were really coming and I wanted to be ready.