Monday, February 23, 2009

Note To Self

I'm toiling away in the studio working on a solo show for April, but I have three drawings in Note To Self opening Friday from 7 - 9 at Schroeder Romero. The line up is awesome, including some of my favorite drawers, narrators, and self-haters self-reflectors...

Note To Self

Laura Ball, Amelia Biewald, Nancy Chunn, Dawn Clements

Mary Coble, Jennifer Dalton, Eric Heist, Laurie Hogin

Barry Hylton, Deborah Kass, David Kramer

Christina Mazzalupo, Jonathan Newman, William Powhida

Michael Schall, Guy Richards Smit

Jim Torok, Michael Waugh, Julie Weitz

February 27 - April 4, 2009

Opening reception: Friday, February 27, 6-8pm

Schroeder Romero is pleased to announce Note To Self a group exhibition featuring works on paper by artists using text-based and visual depictions of personal and universal reminders. How often has each of us blundered through a situation, only to reach the end, with painful lesson learned, archived for future reference? The artists in this exhibition make note of those lessons whether humiliating or hateful. Like notes for future reference, the works in this show remind each of us of human fallibility and the delicate relationship between past mistakes and our hope for a brighter future.

Some of the artists in this show make note of societal missteps, collective disasters such as wars, environmental degradation, or the herd mentality formed around mass media. Other artists form their work around personal recollections, childhood neuroses, or positive affirmations. Still others find that uncanny middle ground where the headlines meet homelife. Ranging from photographic documentation to allegorical representation to straightforward note-taking, Note to Self narrates the complicated path toward self-knowledge.

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